How to Find Your Old School Pictures

Updated February 21, 2017

Many schools hire professional photographers to take yearly photographs of students. Schools publish these professional photographs in the school's annual yearbook. In addition, most schools allow students to purchase copies of these photographs, and it is common practice for students to trade their school photos. Years later, you may find it difficult to locate old school photos. If you want to find these photos, you can use an Internet-based company to help locate your photos, find a copy of your school's yearbook or contact former classmates.

On the Internet, navigate to the home page of a web-based companies that specialises in helping you find old school photographs. Typically, these sites ask you to enter information about the school you attended and the approximate date the pictures were taken. These companies charge either a flat fee for locating your pictures or offer subscription-based services.

Call the library at your old school and ask the librarian if the library has yearbooks on file for the years you attended the school. Most of the time, libraries do not allow individuals to check out yearbooks. If the library has a copy of the yearbook on file, go to the library in person and photocopy your school pictures from the yearbooks. Alternatively, if the library has a scanner, you can use the scanner to copy the picture and create a digital file.

Contact former classmates. Ask your former classmates if they have any of your old school photos or copies of the yearbook. If you are not currently in touch with former classmates, call the school you attended and ask if they have contact information for the school's alumni association or reunion committee. You can also use social networking sites to search for and make contact with former classmates that may have your old school photos.

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