Instructions for Dyson Animal Mini Turbines

Updated November 21, 2016

Dyson Animal vacuums are designed to be especially effective at removing pet hair from floors and fabrics. Dyson Animal model vacuums include an accessory called the "mini turbine head." The accessory attaches to either the Dyson Animal hose or wand extension in order to access and clean pet hair from small or confined spaces, such as stairs and the undersides of furniture (references 1).

Raise the metal wand extension from the cleaning hose until it clicks in place and pull the wand hose assembly away from the machine. If attaching the mini turbine head to the flexible cleaning hose instead of the wand, remove the wand now. To detach the wand from the hose, press the button on the wand handle, and separate the wand handle from the hose.

Press the mini turbine head onto the plastic cuff at the end of the hose or wand. Twist the mini turbine head into place to ensure a proper fit.

Pull the plunger on the side of the mini turbine head out to cause the brushbar inside the turbine head to spin. The brushbar is to clean pet hair from carpet. If using the mini turbine head on hard floors, leave the plunger in the out position.

Check the underside of the Dyson Animal mini turbine head for a slider, which is a button that slides back and forth. If the button is present, slide it in the direction of the single dot. Not all mini turbine heads have this feature.

Press the button on the top of mini turbine head, when ready, to detach the turbine head from the end of the hose or wand.

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