How to Work a Swiss Ronda 5040 D Chronograph Watch

The Ronda Group has been manufacturing Swiss precision watch movements since 1946. Found in wristwatches from Corvette, Invicta, Swiss Military and other well-known brands, Ronda movements are prized for their reliably accurate timekeeping. Watches with Ronda 5040 D calibre movements are used primarily in chronograph watches such as the Invicta Startech and the Swiss Military Hanowa. Learning to set and use a chronograph watch with the Ronda 5040 D movement is quick and simple.

Set the time on your chronograph watch. Pull the watch crown all the way out and rotate it until the hands indicate the desired time. Push the crown back in to the starting position.

Set the date on your wristwatch between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. Pull the crown out to the second position and turn it until the date of the following day is shown; this is because the watch will not automatically advance the date on the day it is set. Return the watch crown to the starting position.

Take advantage of the watch's basic chronograph feature. Press the top right push-button to start chronograph timing; press the push-button again to stop timing. Depress the bottom right push-button to reset the chronograph hands to zero.

Use the chronograph feature to measure accumulated timing. Press the top right push-button to start, pause, restart and stop chronograph timing. Use the bottom right push-button to reset the chronograph hands.

Measure intermediate or interval timing with your chronograph watch. Depress the top right push-button to start chronograph timing. Press the bottom right push-button to display the interval timing; the timing continues in the background. Press the bottom push-button a second time to advance the chronograph hands to the ongoing measured time. Stop chronograph timing by pushing the top right push-button. Depress the bottom right push-button to reset the chronograph.


For repair or warranty information, contact your watch manufacturer's customer service department.


Only set the date on your watch during the specified times. Setting the date outside of the recommended times will cause the date to advance improperly.

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