How to Store Commercial Vehicles in Residential Neighborhoods

Updated February 21, 2017

Commercial vehicles are usually used in businesses rather than for personal use. The definition varies slightly by location, but usually a commercial vehicle is a vehicle longer than 20 feet and 8 feet or higher with advertisements on it. Taxis and limos are considered commercial vehicles as well, even if they do not meet the standards of height and length. Governments limit storing commercial vehicles in residential neighbourhoods because people don't want them parked next door.

Look up the state laws regarding commercial vehicle storage. Every state and city has different regulations to follow, depending on the type of commercial vehicle and the size. For example, in some locations commercial vehicles may only be parked in a residential area when actively working in the home or location. Other areas might allow some commercial vehicle parking on private land if the vehicle is a taxi, limo or similar small commercial vehicle.

Park small commercial vehicles on private property. Small vehicles, like a taxi, are allowed to park on the property in many areas. These are the same size as a normal vehicle, so some areas allow parking in private spaces.

Place the vehicle in an enclosed space. Some commercial vehicles, such as a business van with a business advertisement on it, are allowed storage in residential neighbourhoods as long as the vehicle is in an enclosed space like a garage or screening wall. Vehicles exceeding eight feet tall and longer than 20 feet are usually excluded because of the size.

Look into state temporary parking laws. Some areas allow a commercial vehicle to park in a residential area for temporary purposes as long as the vehicle is not parked for more than 24 hours. This is a temporary measure and only allows for short-term storage. State and city laws differ regarding temporary parking of commercial vehicles, and some areas will only allow parking for loading and unloading purposes in residential areas.


Most areas prohibit large commercial vehicle storage in residential areas.

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