Safety of Mowing the Lawn While Pregnant

During pregnancy, concerns about the safety of everyday activities often come up. Mowing the lawn is one topic that doctors usually don't mention unless they're specifically asked about it. It's generally safe to mow during a healthy pregnancy if you use common sense and listen to your body.

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Remaining physically active during pregnancy is usually safe and even healthy. Exercise like mowing can help alleviate depression, prevent excess weight gain, and make delivery easier.


When deciding whether to mow, consider your fitness level, whether you have a riding or push mower, the difficulty and size of your lawn, the weather, and how you're feeling that day. It's important to not overexert yourself while pregnant.


Avoid mowing if you're experiencing pain, light-headedness, or vaginal bleeding or other unusual discharge. Pregnant women who are on bedrest or in a high-risk category shouldn't mow the lawn.


Drink enough water while pregnant, because dehydration can cause complications. You'll need extra fluids if you're mowing the lawn.


You may want to have someone else mow if it causes you to have an allergic reaction. Talk to your doctor if you still aren't sure about the safety of mowing in your situation.

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