How to Install a PS1 Mod Chip

Updated March 23, 2017

The PlayStation, manufactured by the Sony Corporation and released in 1994, was the first video game console in the PlayStation line. It is no longer sold by Sony and was replaced by the PlayStation 2. Installing a mod chip in your PlayStation allows you to modify the functions of the game console. The mod chip is soldered to the motherboard. This project takes a while to complete.

Turn over the PlayStation and remove the six screws from the back with a screwdriver. There are three on the right side and three on the left side. When you are finished, turn it back over and lift off the top cover.

Remove the CD drive. Pull the orange cable straight up to remove it from the motherboard. Remove the other cable from the CD drive to disconnect the power connector. Very carefully, pull it straight up. Lift the CD drive up and remove it.

Disconnect the power cable from both ends from the motherboard. It is fixed to a heavy metal bracket. Pull the ribbon cable straight up from the motherboard. Remove the four screws holding the metal bracket with a screwdriver, and lift it off. Remove the metal shield under the metal bracket. The metal shield is fixed with 8 pads. You need to resolder these 8 pads to remove the metal shield. Refer to the picture of "Removal of the Metal Shield (SCPH 700x , SCPH 750x)" link in the reference section to see a picture of where you resolder to remove the pads.

Remove the screws from the motherboard and remove it from the housing. Solder the wires to the motherboard beginning at point "1," red; "2," not used; "3," white; "4," not used; "5," green; "6," yellow; "7," violet; and "8," black. You have the option to solder the wires to numbers 2 and 4 even though they don't serve any purpose. If you don't want to solder these two then it is OK not to. It may be easier to just go ahead and solder them so you can go into the complete order.

Place the motherboard back into the PlayStation and replace the screws. Put the metal shield back on and screw the metal bracket over it. Plug the ribbon cable to the motherboard back on. Reconnect the power cable on both ends. Put the CD drive back in, screw in the back cover and place the top cover back on.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Mod chip
  • Fine-tip soldering iron
  • Flux solder
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
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