How to Install a Trimmer Line on a Ryobi

Updated November 21, 2016

Ryobi manufactures a variety of lawn and garden power equipment for the home. From leaf blowers to hedge trimmers to string trimmers, Ryobi offers a range of equipment to help in the maintenance of a lawn and landscape. Ryobi string trimmers have a "Speedspool" feature that makes replacing the trimmers' nylon string simple. Changing trimmer line is a necessary part of operating a trimmer, and the Speedspool makes the process easier to accomplish.

Position the Ryobi trimmer on a work surface so the trimmer head is easily accessible.

Hold the outside of the trimmer line spool with one hand and the bump knob of the inner reel with the other. Turn the inner reel to the left to line up the arrow on the inner reel with the outer spool.

Pull any old line remaining on the reel out through the trimmer line loading holes that are located in the side of the line spool.

Cut two 10-foot lengths of .080-inch-diameter trimmer line from a filler spool with sharp scissors.

Insert the end of one 10-foot length of trimmer line into the loading hole on one side of the spool. Push the trimmer line so it exits through the hole in the inner reel.

Insert the end of the line that is extending through the inner reel into the locking hole. Insert no more than 1/2 inch of line into the locking hole.

Grasp the line on the outside of the spool and pull to remove any slack in the trimmer line. Install the second 10-foot length of line into the loading hole in the opposite side of the spool. Follow the same procedure for securing the second 10-foot length of trimmer line to the reel.

Hold the spool once again with one hand and the inner reel with the other. Turn the inner reel to the left to wind the two 10-foot lengths of line onto the reel. Turn the reel so that 4 inches of both trimmer lines extends from the spool.

Things You'll Need

  • .080-inch-diameter trimmer line
  • Scissors
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