How to Get on an Adult Weight Loss Group on TV

Updated April 17, 2017

Weight loss reality television shows are all the rage right now, with everyone from stay-at-home moms to celebrities jumping on the bandwagon. Part of the reason for the popularity of these shows is the fact that while losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish, the support that individuals lucky enough to be featured on adult weight loss group television shows receive is incredible. Getting yourself cast on one of these television shows is difficult but not impossible if you familiarise yourself with the casting process of the show you wish to appear on.

Research multiple weight loss shows and decide which one would best suit your needs and lifestyle before applying to appear on the show. If you are already an avid viewer of the show you wish to be on, you should be familiar with the types of personalities that are featured on the show.

Attempt to be cast on the show of your choice using one of two options. You may choose to act completely naturally or you can adjust elements of your personality you think would help your chances of being cast. For example, some weight loss groups on television, such as the show "The Biggest Loser," make an appeal to "outgoing people with personality" during their casting calls. If you're a shy introvert, you may want to portray yourself as more extroverted.

Research the casting requirements for the show you'd like to appear on. Most information for casting regulations, auditions, submissions or casting calls is posted on the website of each television show (a simple search should lead you to the right website if you're not familiar with it already).

Inquire as to whether or not you need to appear in person to be cast. Many shows require you attend open auditions where a producer will interview you initially before you are advanced any further. Others, such as the weight loss show Dance Your Ass Off, allow you to send in video applications if you are not able to attend open call auditions for location or timing reasons.

Practice any opening statements, rehearse interview questions and generally prepare to answer any of the questions you believe may be asked of you to be cast on the show. If you are submitting a video instead of auditioning or interviewing in person, rehearse what you will say in your video many times before actually filming it.

Articulate your reasons for wanting to appear on the show to an audience of friends and family. Make sure that you have concrete and valid reasons for wanting to be on the show, and make sure that you are able to state them in an eloquent way. Have a goal in mind (for example, how many pounds you want to lose, wanting to look good for a certain event) to make sure that whoever is conducting your interview or reviewing your submission knows you are a serious candidate for the show.

Some shows, such as "The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp," even require you to identify target areas of your body that you'd like to work on when applying. Preparation is key and could very well be the factor that gets you cast on an adult weight loss television series.


Make sure all parts of your application are complete. Some applications are rejected on the simple basis that they are missing information.


If you are seriously overweight, consult your doctor before attempting to be cast on one of these shows. Your doctor may have valid reasons why you should explore other options on the road to your weight loss goal.

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