How to Be an Ospreys Rugby Mascot

Written by emile heskey | 13/05/2017
How to Be an Ospreys Rugby Mascot
Attending an Easter training camp can help you to become an Ospreys mascot. (rugby image by lilufoto from

The Ospreys rugby team is based in the Neath and Swansea areas of Wales. Duties of the mascot, Ozzie, include leading the team out of the tunnel and onto the pitch at the start of a game. This honour is usually open only to young children, who are selected by members of the coaching staff. Becoming a mascot, therefore, will require you to gain the attention of the team.

Sign up for an Ospreys Easter camp. Each Easter, the Ospreys run three camps that are designed to help local children improve their rugby skills. These two-day camps are held in Bridgend and Llandarcy. At the end of camp, a child is selected to be a mascot for the Ospreys for an upcoming game. The criteria for selection are behaviour and team spirit.

Join the Ospreys Kids' Club. The club, like those of most rugby teams, will randomly select a member to invite to be a mascot. Visit to join the Kids' Club.

Participate in a competition to become a mascot. For cup games, such as those contested in the EDF Cup, the Ospreys hold competitions to select mascots. These competitions usually involve writing a short piece about why you want to be a mascot or why you love the Ospreys. Check the Ospreys' website for information about competitions.

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