How to Draw Fairytale Castles

Updated July 20, 2017

Fairy tale castles found in animated movies and books may contain slightly different features, but there are several basic elements that your princess can use to create her own grandiose castle on paper. The important thing to remember is to keep everything symmetrical.

Draw two vertical (parallel) lines about 2 inches apart toward the bottom centre of the paper. Connect the two lines with an arch. Draw a line down the centre and add a circle as the knocker.

Draw a horizontal line outward from the top left corner of the door. Use your ruler to draw an other horizontal line, the same length, outward from the top right corner of the door. At the end of both horizontal lines, draw a vertical line down to the same plane as the base of the door. These rectangles on either side of the door are the ground floor castle walls.

Make a downward facing, 2-inch semicircle to make the base of a tower at the base of the left castle wall. Draw a vertical line on the outside edge of the semicircle up to the same plane as the top of the castle wall. Draw a cone on top to make the roof of the tower. Repeat this step on the right side. You have now completed the first story of your castle.

Draw two vertical lines above the door the same width as the door. Connect the lines with a straight horizontal line. On each end of the horizontal line, draw two short lines facing diagonally outward and upward.

Connect those lines with a curved line, with the curve facing upward. Above the curve, draw two vertical lines and connect them with a straight carved-pumpkin-tooth line. This is the beginning of the central tower.

Repeat step 4, beginning with vertical lines that are half as wide, on either side of the central tower to make the skinnier side towers. On top of each side tower, draw a cone for each roof.

Finish the central tower by drawing two vertical lines just inside the ones that are already there. Top it off with a cone. To add a flag to the top of the central tower, draw a vertical line from the centre of the cone (roof) and a sideways triangle, with the point facing away from the line.

The castle is now complete, and ready for your child's imagination to bring it to life.


If you are a visual learner, find a picture of a castle you'd like to imitate, break it down into the basic structure and copy it. If you want an exact replica of an image, trace over the image onto tracing paper with a pencil, then draw over your pencil marks with a black marker onto a new sheet of paper.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Crayons or coloured pencils
  • Paper
  • Ruler
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