How to Lay Out an Eight-Page Mini Book on A4 Paper

Updated April 17, 2017

A4 paper is 8.29-by11.69 inch all-purpose paper that is common throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Creating a mini-book in eight pages is a simple task that can be done with a single sheet of paper and a pair of scissors, without the use of any glues or binding. When creating your mini-book, you can choose to draw out your template and book before folding, or you can create the shape and pages of the book before creating the content.

Orient your page by laying it vertically on the table in front of you on your table, floor, or other flat surface. The page should appear tall and skinny as opposed to short and wide.

Fold your paper in half from the top of the page. You can make the fold of the paper more crisp by pressing something hard along the crease of the fold; the rounded end of the scissors handle works well for this.

Fold the paper again, this time from the left to the right; at this point you will have created a folded page a quarter the original size of the paper.

Fold the paper one more time, again from the top to the bottom. This last fold can take a little bit of effort, but make sure the fold is strong.

Unfold the paper until it's folded in half just once again, with the folded edge on the top of the paper. The folds on the paper will create four even quadrants on the page.

Cut down the top middle crease, from the top folded edge to the centre of the page. You should have a half sheet of paper, with the top two quadrants disconnected from each other, while being connected to the rest of the folds.

Unfold the paper and lay it horizontally on your surface, so that it now appears to be short and wide. You will have eight sections on your page, with a cut in the centre. Fold the page from the top so that the paper is still the same width but is half as tall.

Holding the left and right edges of your paper, hold the page upright so that the folded/cut edge is on top. Press the edges together so that the cut sections open into a diamond; when pressed further, the sections will orient into a cross-like shape when looked at from the top down.

Holding the leftmost section of the paper, bring all the folded "pages" of the mini-book around and towards your left hand, gathering them together as you remove your left hand from between them. Reinforce the fold down the right side.

Flip the final product over left-to-right so the reinforced fold is now on the left. You can now flip through the 8 page booklet from front to back.


You can download templates for Microsoft Word that have the lines that need to be folded and cut clearly marked on the paper; you print these templates out and then add content, or create the content on the computer before printing out your book.


Make sure that you're folding as precisely as possible; crooked folds will show at the edge in the form of uneven page edges.

Things You'll Need

  • One sheet of A4 paper
  • Scissors
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