Directions for Two Needle Mittens

Updated April 17, 2017

Knitting is a craft that transforms thread or yarn into scarves, hats or socks using two needles. It's fairly simple to make two-needle mittens, requiring only basic knitting skills. This pattern for two-needle mittens calls for four types of stitches and is measured for a medium-sized adult. For instructions on each stitch, visit The Yarn Lover's Room (see Resources). Changing the yarn colour or adding simple adornments allows you to personalise the mittens for family members and make thoughtful gifts for friends.

Using the smaller needle, cast 34 stitches (st) on the needle.

Rib the next 20 rows by knitting (k) 2 and pearling (p) 2 across each row. On the last row, increase (inc) to 38th.

Change to the larger needle and perform a stockinet stitch (st) across the row for the next 6 rows. Place a marker on stitch number 18 and 19, add two stitches and then place another marker. A marker is a needle you insert through the loop of the stitch to hold it in place and prevent unravelling so the needle can work with it at a later time. Perform a st and inc 2 sts every other row between the marks. Continue with this process until you reach 14 sts and place them on a marker and the length of the mitten measures 8-1/2 inches.

Decrease (dec) the next 13 rows using the following pattern:

Row 1: K2 tog, k 8 and repeat.

Row 2 and every subsequent even numbered row: Pearl (p) across.

Row 3: K2 tog, k 7 and repeat.

Row 5: K2 tog, k 6 and repeat.

Row 7: K2 tog, k 5 and repeat.

Row 9: K2 tog, k 4 and repeat.

Row 11: K2 tog, k 3 and repeat.

Row 13: K2 tog across the row.

Begin work on the thumb piece by slipping the 14 sts you left on the marker onto your needle and casting on an additional 2 sts. Perform a st across for the next 10 rows. For the last row, k 2 tog across.

Bind off to finish the pattern pulling the yarn through the last st and tightening it to a close. Snip off excess yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail. Using your needle, weave the tail through the mitten to hide it from sight and secure the stitches.


You can use the same pattern for two-needle mittens regardless of size or age. The number of stitches will remain the same. The only change will be needle size. For infants, you will need needle sizes 2 and 3; for toddlers, sizes 3 and 4; for older children, sizes 4 and 5; for a small adult, sizes 4 and 6; and for a large adult, sizes 5 and 8.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle sizes #5 and #7
  • Yarn
  • Marker
  • Tape measure
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