How to Use a Gazelle Freestyle Crosstrainer Pro

Updated April 17, 2017

Cross-trainers, which work both arm and leg muscles, can provide a more challenging workout and increased calorie burning potential. These machines also offer more workout variety and options for targeting specific muscle groups. The Fitness Quest Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle Crosstrainer Pro is an example of a crosstrainer exercise machine that offers multiple options for workout intensity and variety. Knowing how to use the different options safely and properly will help you get better fitness results from your Gazelle.

Warm-up with stretching exercises on the floor. Gently stretch your calves, quadriceps, hip flexors, hamstrings, triceps, shoulders and back using the exercise video or Owner's Manual that came with your Gazelle, or an Internet reference (in Resources below).

Warm-up on the Gazelle. Begin your workout by starting out slowly for 5 to 10 minutes: Stand on the pedals, hold the crossbar hand grips at a comfortable height, and begin gliding back and forth slowly. Alternate between bending your knees while gliding, standing on your tip toes and standing normally, with knees soft. Always maintain proper posture by tightening your abdominal muscles and aligning your hips with your shoulders.

Increase the intensity and speed of your workout. At a faster rate that is still comfortable for you, continue alternating between different basic Gazelle exercises: the "Low Glide" with knees bent, the "High Glide" while standing on tip toes, the "Wide Glide" with a lengthened stride and the "Basic Glide" with feet flat and knees soft. Target different arm muscles by alternating your hand position (low, high, or neutral) on the grips as you alternate between different basic moves.

Continue your workout for 15 to 20 minutes. Monitor your heart rate and drink water periodically.

Proceed to the "Advanced Moves" in the next section, or cool down by gliding slowly for a few minutes before stepping off the machine.

Try the "Forward Push": Start with a basic glide and your hands in a high grip position. Lean your entire body forward from your ankles and begin alternating arm presses while keeping your wrists straight. Extend your arms as far forward as you can comfortably.

Try the "Backward Lean": Begin with a basic glide and your hands in a high grip position. Slowly lean back from your ankles with your entire body, keeping your back straight. Alternate pullbacks with the crossbars, keeping your wrists straight.

Try the "Power Glide": Begin with a wider glide and your hands in a neutral or high position. Rotate your torso and shoulders side to side while maintaining proper posture and continue gliding with a wider leg extension.

Try the "Power Jog": Begin with a basic glide and carefully remove your hands from the crossbars. Increase your speed gradually, keeping your hands at your sides as if you were jogging. If you feel unsteady, re-grip the crossbars. Be careful to maintain your balance at all times.

Cool down by performing a basic glide slowly for a few minutes before stepping off the machine.


Increase the length and frequency of your workouts for weight loss. For maximum fat-burning, work towards a goal of daily 30 minute sessions, using advanced moves during the last 10 minutes before cooling down.


Monitor your heart rate periodically and stay hydrated. Do not perform moves that make you feel unsteady or uncomfortable. Do not attempt advanced moves until you have mastered the basics.

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