How to make a wizard hat out of cardboard

Whether you're looking for a wizard hat to complete a fancy dress costume or simply want a pointed hat for playing make-believe or dress-up, consider making one out of cardboard. Making a cardboard wizard hat is less expensive than buying a cloth hat, and even small children can participate in the creation process. This project also makes a suitable craft activity for wizard and witch-themed children's parties and can double as a take-home party favour.

Make the wizard hat

Roll up one sheet of poster board into a conical shape, then use a small piece of tape to secure the overlapping edge of the cone.

Place the cone on your head, and adjust the size until it fits snugly. When you are satisfied that it fits, take it off and apply three or four pieces of tape along the overlapping edge to secure the hat.

Trim any excess cardboard from the opening of the hat with scissors. Make this as even as possible; stand the hat up on a flat surface to check your work.

Measure the head opening by wrapping the tape measure around the outside of the hat.

Create a brim. Draw a circle in the middle of the second piece of poster board that is the same size as the head opening. Draw another circle around the first circle that is 20 cm (8 inches) wider in diameter, being sure to centre the two circles evenly.

Cut out the two circles, slide the brim over the hat, then secure the two pieces with tape.

Decorate the wizard hat

Cut out star and moon shapes from construction paper. A stencil, available at many craft shops, may help.

Brush the shapes with glue.

Sprinkle glitter over the shapes. Shake off any excess glitter, then allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Glue the shapes to the hat.

Create a scruffy, untidy look by folding the tip of the hat down two or three times diagonally.


To give your hat extra flair, glue lightweight cotton fabric over the cardboard once you have cut out the pieces. Choose prints featuring moons, stars or other mystical motifs, cut them to the same size as the cardboard pieces, then glue the fabric over the pieces before assembling the hat.

If you don't have poster board, any type of lightweight cardboard will work.

If you wish to wear the hat immediately, you can omit applying glue and glitter to the decorative shapes.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Sheets poster board
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Silver or gold glitter
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