How to Repair a Citizen Eco Watch

Written by brittney horwitz | 13/05/2017

Citizen's motto for their Eco watches is that they are unstoppable. So what happens if your Eco watch does, in fact, stop? Although these watches are built to last and made of quality materials, it can occasionally happen that your watch isn't working like it should. When that happens, there are a variety of reasons that could be the problem and an equally wide variety of solutions.

Expose your watch to sunlight by bringing it to the window or outside.

Let it remain in the sunlight for a minimum of 10 seconds, or a few minutes if your watch is not a quick-start watch.

Watch the second hand to see if it starts moving again.

Finish charging your watch by holding it in the sunlight.

Allow the watch to remain in the light for a few hours.

Check your watch to see if the second hand is working like it should. When it skips and jumps, it simply means that it has not finished charging. As soon as your watch is fully charged, the second hand should work normally.

Pull out the circle on the side of the watch.

Reset the time by turning the dial until it reaches the correct time.

Push the dial back in.

Charge watch fully by holding it in the sunlight for a few minutes.

Dry the outside of the glass.

Wait a few minutes for the water inside to evaporate and disappear.

Check watch to see if the water has disappeared. If there is still water inside after 24 hours, you should have your watch examined by a professional.

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