How to Install a Spinner on a Model RC Plane

Updated July 20, 2017

Spinners help give an RC plane a sense of realism. On nitro-powered planes they can be used with electric starters to get the engine running. On electric planes they can be used to add weight to the nose of the plane. No matter what you use to power your plane, improve its appearance by adding a spinner in just a few simple steps.

Use a wrench and remove the prop nut and thrust washer from the motor. Remove the prop from the prop shaft

Slide the spinner's mounting plate onto the motor shaft, and then reinstall the prop. Install the thrust washer and the prop nut. Do not tighten the nut at this time.

Align the prop and the spinner so that the prop sits centred in the cut-outs and the mounting screws line up with the mounting plate.

Tighten the prop nut fully. Align the spinner and complete the installation by tightening the mounting screws.

Install the prop and thrust washer on the motor shaft. Tighten the nut at this time.

Insert the motor shaft into the tube in the centre of the spinner.

Press the spinner onto the motor shaft until it is flush with the prop. Sometimes it's helpful to hold the back of the prop with your ring and middle fingers and press the spinner on with your thumb.


Check the centre of gravity after installing the spinner; rebalance if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
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