How to use CD lens cleaner

Written by johnny kilhefner | 13/05/2017
How to use CD lens cleaner
CD lens cleaner (cd on cd image by Stephen Kirkby from

The lens of a CD drive can easily become damaged by dust and other particles that obscure and scratch the lens. However, using a cloth or tissue to clean the lens by hand only causes further damage to the optics. The only sure way to effectively clean the lens of a CD drive is to use a CD lens cleaner. These cleaners use a brush attached to a CD that spins just like an ordinary CD, while gently cleaning the lens with its soft bristles.

Insert the CD lens cleaner into your disc tray or CD player. Close the tray and allow a few moments for the CD to begin.

Press "Play" on your media player or CD player. Listen to the directions of the CD lens cleaner. If there are no directions, allow the CD lens cleaner to spin for one to two minutes.

Press "Stop" and eject the CD from the drive or player. Insert a regular CD into the drive to ensure that the lens cleaner worked correctly.

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