How to print on size A1 paper

Written by mario calhoun | 13/05/2017
How to print on size A1 paper
Adjust your printer's page set-up settings to print on A1 paper. (The printer image by vin5 from

The A1 paper size is typically used for high-quality photo print jobs and is 23.39 inches by 33.11 inches. Ideal for printing posters or commercial advertisements, the A1 paper size is available at your local office supply store and requires configuring your printer settings to adjust the print job to the paper's size. The print settings window varies slightly between programs, but the paper size configuration menu is consistent.

Open the document you wish to print and click "File" on the program menu.

Click "Print" and click "Settings."

Select the "Size" or "Scale to paper size" drop-down menu and click "A1."

Click "OK." Alternately, click "Properties" in the Print window and click the "Paper Size" drop-down menu. Click "A1" or "23.29 by 33.11" and click "OK."

Turn on the printer and load the A1 paper into the printer's paper tray.

Push the printer tray's spacers together to hold the paper firmly in place. Click "Print" to begin the print job.

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