How to Train a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy to Roll Over

Updated March 23, 2017

Jack Russell Terriers are typically feisty and headstrong. You can train your Jack Russell Terrier to roll over, but this breed is popularly known for being assertive. Do not confuse the assertiveness with dominance. You don't need to bully your puppy to teach it to roll over. Remain gentle and show assertiveness as well. One of the simplest ways to teach a Jack Russell Terrier puppy to roll over is to use its favourite treat as an incentive.

Place your Jack Russell Terrier puppy on its side. If it squirms, allow it up because this is a vulnerable position. Sooth your puppy with a soft touch and sweet words until it lies on its side without squirming.

Take out a puppy treat and show it to your puppy. Pick a treat with which your puppy is familiar and really likes to get its attention. Watch your puppy get excited.

Move the treat from near the puppy's head to the opposite side. Encourage your puppy to move its head toward the treat.

Watch the puppy's body follow its head to the opposite side from where it was lying.

Praise your puppy and let it have the treat. Go through the training routine several times a day. Observe your puppy until it does not need the food treat, but listens to your command and rolls over on its own.


Jack Russell Terriers are known for being energetic. You might have a hard time getting your puppy to lay down. Wait until it is lying down anyway to begin training.


Do not punish your puppy if it fails to catch on. Instead, move on to a different trick.

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