How to Make Decals at Staples

If you want to print out your own decal designs but don't have a printer at home, you can go to a store that allows customers to print within the store, such as Staples. Of course, you will need to pay a small fee for each copy, but you will also have the assistance of employees if you run into a problem. You can also buy printable decal paper at the store.

Design your decals on your computer with a graphics editing program. Make sure the designs for your decals are sized to the dimensions you want them to print at. Save the designs to a USB drive by going to "File" and "Save As" in the graphics editing program and choosing the folder for the USB drive.

Take the USB drive containing your saved decal designs, along with decal paper if you already have it, to your local Staples. You can also purchase decal printer paper at the store.

Pay to use one of the customer-access inkjet printers at the Staples store. Load the decal paper into the printer's paper tray. Insert your USB drive in the USB port of the printer, and select the files that you want to print. Enter the amount of copies you want to print for each design, and select "color" if appropriate. Print out your decals.


Make multiple copies of small decals on one page to save money on paper and copying costs.

Things You'll Need

  • Graphics editing program
  • USB drive
  • Printable decal paper
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