How to Remove the Face of a Clock to Replace the Hands

Updated February 21, 2017

A charming clock can add an aesthetic element to your home. However, older clocks that look worn or have bent or deformed hands can be unsightly. If you have warped clock hands or you just want to swap out old ones for newer ones, you can do this by removing certain clock parts and reassembling the whole unit with new parts afterwards. Additionally, you can clean out the timekeeping movement as well as the clock face to give your old clock new life.

Remove the battery from the back movement assembly to stop the clock.

Twist the nut (in a counterclockwise direction) that sits above the clock hands, using small-sized pliers or your fingers. Remove the nut from its column and put it in a safe place.

Remove both of the clock hands carefully. Replace the clock hands with new ones at this point. To clean the entire clock assembly, as well as the face, continue to Step 4.

Remove the next nut on the column with pliers, twisting in a counterclockwise direction.

Hold the clock face with one hand and hang on to the back end of the clock with the other hand. Once you have removed the nut from the front, carefully wiggle the clock movement assembly out of the back end of the clock. This assembly should come right out. Clean the assembly with a clean, cotton cloth and wash or restore the clock face at this point.

Reassemble to clock, in a reverse order, when you are ready.

Things You'll Need

  • Small pliers
  • Clean cloth or rag
  • Clock hands
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