How to fix an overwound cuckoo clock

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Cuckoo clocks are clocks which require winding to keep it running. One problem that can happen with a cuckoo clock is overwinding. The clocks do not actually overwind, but it is possible for the mechanisms to stick after winding or for the chain to end up off of the sprocket wheel, and then it may not run properly.

Blow compressed air over the entire clock, including the inside of the clock. One potential cause of the clock not working properly after winding is that it has dirt on it that's causing it to stick. Spraying the compressed air will remove any dust, dirt or similar problems from the clock. Wipe the cloth down with a soft cloth to fully remove the dirt.

Turn the cuckoo clock over and remove the back of the clock. The clock back is removed by using a screw driver, unscrewing the back screws and pulling the back up and off. The size of the screw driver and type will differ for each clock.

Turn the clock upside down and grasp the chains firmly in both hands. Look at the sprocket wheel of the cuckoo clock and adjust the chains so they dangle around the wheel.

Pull both sides of the chain until it wraps tight against the sprocket wheel. Continue holding the chain so it stays tight against the wheel and turn the clock back to an upright position. After this, the clock should work fine because the problems that are typically thought as being "overwound" relate to the chain getting off of the sprocket wheel or dust build-up that has prevented the clock from working properly.

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