How to Face Paint a Scary Witch for Halloween for Kids

Updated July 19, 2017

Follow a few basic painting and make-up guidelines to face paint a scary witch look. A costume store will carry all of the necessary types and colours of make-up that is safe to apply on children. Also use traditional make-up, like lip and eyeliner, to help create details and shadows for a complete effect. Have plenty of disposable make-up sponges and applicators on hand if you are applying the make-up on multiple children.

Apply the green Halloween make-up over the entire face, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Dab small amounts of the black or grey Halloween make-up under the cheekbones, around the nostrils, on the temples and above the brow line. Work this into the green paint and blend the edges to create a smooth shadow transition.

Use the dark eyeliner pencil to create the appearance of warts on the witch's face. Common places for these are on the nose, cheekbone, chin and brow areas. Lightly apply a tiny circle, then darken and spread the pencil mark along part of the small circle to create the effect of a shadow being cast from the light.

Apply a coat of the translucent face powder over the entire face. This will help seal the face paint and dull the greasy look of most costume make-up. The powder will also help prevent the make-up from smearing and rubbing off on hands and clothing too easily.

Use grey or black eyeshadow to darken the area around the eyes. The darker and broader the shadow the more dramatic the look will be. Blend in the eyeshadow with the surrounding make-up and touch up with the translucent powder where necessary around the eyes.

Create a dramatic aged effect on the lips with a medium and dark toned lip liner. Draw numerous small creases around the lips as well as a variety of large and small creases on the lips themselves using the dark coloured liner. Fill in between the dark lines with the medium toned colour and blend with a make-up sponge.


Use the dark coloured eyeliner pencil to create wrinkled creases on the face ageing the witch even further. Blend in with a dark coloured eyeshadow and disposable applicator.

Things You'll Need

  • Green and black Halloween make-up
  • Disposable make-up sponges
  • Dark coloured eyeliner pencil
  • Translucent face powder
  • Black or grey eyeshadow
  • Disposable eyeshadow applicators or cotton swabs
  • Medium and dark toned lip liner
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