How to Connect an iPhone to a Wii Console

Connecting your iPhone to your Wii means that you'll be able to use the Internet using your Wii console. Unlike some Android phones, you won't need to download a program that allows your phone to be a Wi-Fi hot spot if you have an iPhone. You simply must have a working 3G or 4G network on your iPhone, turn on your Wii, and add a new connection in the Wii menu.

Sign up for a 3G or 4G network service on your iPhone if you haven't already done so. Visit or call your local iPhone dealer.

Turn on your iPhone and tap "Safari" and navigate to a working website to ensure that your 3G or 4G network service is working properly.

Turn on your Wii. Click on the "Wii" button -- located in the lower right corner of the screen -- and click on "Internet," "Connection Settings." Click "Connection 1" if there isn't a connection already listed there. Click "OK" to view the available access point. Click the iPhone access point, which is listed if your iPhone's wireless network is working properly. Enter the password to the network. Click "OK."

Click "Yes" in the dialogue box that appears next to perform a Wii system update. Once the system update has been completed you are able to connect to the Internet using the connection provided by your iPhone.

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