How to Make a Libra Fall in Love With You

Updated April 17, 2017

A person considered a Libra is born September 24 to October 23. The Libra is considered an inanimate sign and is represented by a scale, said to symbolise the high point of the year. A Libra has several positive characteristic traits, such as being charming, sociable and romantic. Libras can also be self-indulgent, gullible and indecisive. In a relationship, Libras are most compatible with a Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius.

Take it slow. A Libra woman prefers an adequate amount of time to weigh her options before jumping into something serious. If you try to rush her into a relationship, she will feel overwhelmed and afraid, and decide to call it quits.

Treat her fairly. A Libra woman believes deeply in righteousness and truthfulness. She will not allow you to treat her unjustly, such as getting overly jealous or starting arguments with no reasonable cause. Approach any disagreements that arise between the two of you calmly. Evaluate both perspectives before speaking. She will admire your ability to compromise.

Show her you are a hard worker. A Libra woman admires a man that is reliable and has goals in life. She will want to help you reach your goals. Once your goals are met, the amount of effort you put into reaching them will make her feelings for you grow even deeper, because it shows her you are able to commit and work hard for something or someone you really love.

Be romantic. A Libra woman loves to be wooed; surprise her with a candlelit dinner or send a dozen roses to her workplace. Dress elegantly when escorting her to dinner, as your outward appearance is very important to her.

Click with her friends. Friendships are important to Libra women. Set up a date with her to meet a few of her friends. Even if you dislike one or two of her friends, try to tolerate them. The Libra woman will appreciate your efforts.

Give him many compliments. A Libra man enjoys hearing an occasional compliment, such as how charming or wonderful he is. Your compliments must be truthful, as a Libra man is very intuitive when it comes to insincerity.

Capture his attention. When you first meet a Libra man, you must put your best foot forward. Show him your best qualities. Show your humorous side by engaging in a conversation that is sure to make him laugh. Talk about your career goals to show him your life goals are well-organised. Tell him about a few organisations you've volunteered at to show him you are a charitable person.

Dress, look and act in a decent manner. A Libra man prefers a beautiful woman with class and charm. Whether you are going out or taking part in a private conversation, express yourself with elegance and poise; having self-confidence and style will steal the heart of a Libra man.

Remain calm and polite. A Libra man prefers to keep things balanced, and he will look at both sides before coming to a conclusion. He prefers a woman who will compromise in order to promote peace and harmony.

Engage in a social life. A Libra man loves to join conversations with diverse groups. He is big on the party scene and loves socialising. It will frustrate a Libra man if you are extremely quiet and shy around him and others. Open up to him and become part of his circle of friends. If you’re not big on parties, attend a few and try to be as social as possible.

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