How to Fit a Car DVD/Stereo to a Nissan Navara

Updated March 23, 2017

The Nissan Navara is a pickup from the Japanese Nissan company. It comes with a stereo including a CD player and AM/FM receiver among its features. Aftermarket stereos include features such as DVD players with pop-out screens or double DIN size units with screens incorporated into the face. You can install a DVD stereo in a Navara by adapting the factory wiring and the housing to allow the new unit to fit.

Protect against electric shock or a short circuit by disconnecting the vehicle battery. Twist the negative terminal with an adjustable wrench to remove the cable.

Remove the factory-issue stereo. Unscrew the two Phillips screws above the heating controls. Pull out the ashtray and remove the screws concealed behind it. Pull the centre console away from the dashboard. Remove the screws securing the radio in place. Pull out the radio and disconnect the wiring.

Insert the metal radio installation sleeve which comes with the DVD stereo into the dashboard. Bend the tabs on the side ninety degrees. Connect the sleeve to the dashboard with the four Phillips screws.

Feed the car radio wiring from inside the dashboard through the portal of the installation sleeve, so you can connect the radio before sliding it into the housing.

Connect one end of a wiring loom adaptor to the wiring loom -- housing containing the wires for the power, speaker and other stereo functions -- on the rear of the DVD stereo, and the other end to the wiring loom of the car. Push the connections together until they click into place. Test that the connection is secure by tugging gently on either end of the connection.

Insert the Navara's thick black radio antenna cable into the designated port on the back of the new stereo.

Insert the stereo into the radio installation sleeve, pushing it in until you feel it click into place. Reassemble the vehicle dashboard, replacing all screws. Reconnect the Navara battery. Turn on the stereo and test the DVD feature.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wiring loom adaptor
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