How to Draw Wallace & Gromit

Updated April 17, 2017

Wallace and Gromit are characters made out of modelling clay for stop-motion films created by Aardman Studios. The duo consists of Wallace, an eccentric, absent-minded inventor, and his silent and intelligent dog, Gromit. An important aspect of their appearance is their exaggerated features, so it's necessary to pay attention to small details when drawing your own version of these cartoon classics.

Draw a slender, upside down "U" that is longer than it is wide. Place a circle for the nose within the upside down "U" slightly above the centre region, and avoiding touching either side.

Sketch two evenly sized circles above the nose to form Wallace's eyes. The two circles should touch in the middle, and be around the same width, combined, as the size of the nose.

Draw a sausage shape figure for the mouth, curving upwards and extending outward past the facial frame.

Create a "C" shape directly across from the nose outside the "U" on the left-hand side. Repeat, drawing a backwards "C" shape on the right-hand side to create ears.

Draw a larger "C" shape directly below the ears on the left-hand side, repeating for a larger backwards "C" shape on the other side. The large "C" shapes should be large enough to fit the sausage shape within, and with a little space to give.

Draw small details of Wallace's face, including eye balls, eye brows and teeth.

Trace the final sketch in ink. Erase over the rough sketch to remove pencil lines. Add colour if desired.

Draw a medium-sized bean shape in the centre of your paper.

Sketch two small overlapping circles, one above the other, slightly in front of the bean shape. Connect the two circles further by drawing a thin backwards "C" shape from the middle of the top circle to the lower edge of the bottom circle. The backwards "C" shape should also touch the left-hand side of the bean.

Draw two small circles for Gromit's eyes above the line where the two circles meet in the middle. Create a nose by drawing a small circle in the middle of the large circle.

Create four tube or pillar shapes for Gromit's legs, extending from the lower body of the bean. Extend the two front legs to a slightly longer length than the back legs.

Draw a small oval to the end of each leg, creating Gromit's feet. Add three toes to each foot by drawing three "C" shapes on the left-hand side of each foot.

Create additional features on Gromit, including eye balls, eye brows, floppy ears and an upwards tail. Trace over the pencil lines creating a final image of Gromit's likeness.

Use an eraser to remove remaining pencil lines from the sketch. Add colour as desired.


Resist applying too much pressure with your pencil during the sketching process. Harsh lines tend to leave marks on the paper, and are difficult to erase or draw over.

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