How to Do a Partylite Fundraiser

Updated February 21, 2017

Cape Cod schoolteacher Mabel Baker made her own candles from wild bayberries that grew near her home before founding Partylite in 1909. Since then, Partylite has become a multimillion dollar company selling candles, candle holders and other fresh scented products to consumers all over the world. Anyone can host a Partylite candle party, but you can also host a party as a fundraiser for your favourite organisation or charity. Fifty per cent of the party profits go to your charitable organisation.

Contact your Partylite consultant. If you don't know one personally, use the Partylite contact information page in Resources to get in touch with a consultant in your city.

Speak with your consultant about hosting a fundraiser. You can hold a fundraiser for your favourite charity or for any school event, such as earning money to send your class on a field trip or to purchase new band instruments or cheerleading uniforms.

Obtain Partylite catalogues from your consultant to pass out to buyers, or host a party in your home or school. Collect orders from anyone who wants to make a purchase, which they can pay for with cash, credit card or personal checks.

Submit all of your orders and payments to your Partylite consultant. Partylite ships orders to each individual to save you the time and energy of having to sort out and distribute every purchased product.


Set up a deadline for orders if you are passing out catalogues so everyone knows when your consultant will need the information and money.

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