How to Knit Easy Baby Booties for Beginners

Baby bootees are popular gifts from knitters because they're easy to make and the recipients appreciate something that will keep their new baby's feet warm. Even if you've just learnt how to knit, you'll be able to make baby bootees. Baby bootees only use a basic sequence of knits and purls, and they can be made on straight needles.

Cast on 41 stitches.

Knit 14 rows in garter stitch (knit every stitch) for the sole.

Decrease the stitches to make the instep. Knit 18 stitches, knit two stitches together, knit one stitch, knit two together and knit 18. Turn your work and purl 17 stitches, purl two together, purl one, purl two together and purl 17. Repeat the decrease rows until you have 27 stitches left. End with a purl row.

Make a ribbed cuff. To make the bootees tight and prevent them from slipping off the baby's foot, knit one and purl one across each row for seven rows. If you'd prefer a looser rib, you can knit two, purl two or knit three, purl one.

Loosely bind off your stitches. Cut the yarn learning a foot-long tail.

Sew the back and sole of your bootee together with a tapestry needle. Thread the needle with the yarn tail and sew the two ends together by weaving in and out of each side, one stitch at a time. Go all the way down to the sole, until the seam is completely sewn.

Tie a knot, cut the yarn and weave in your loose end with the tapestry needle.


While using a baby sport weight yarn guarantees a product that won't irritate a baby's skin, you can also knit bootees in nearly any yarn you'd like. Wool is an option, though some babies might be sensitive to it. You can knit bootees for an older baby or toddler, too. These bootees will look more like slippers. Simply use a size eight or nine needle and a worsted weight yarn. Older babies, though, might find bootees cumbersome as they're learning to walk. They're likely to slip on noncarpeted surfaces. You can make a fold-down cuff by knitting 14 rows of ribbing, instead of seven. Add embellishments to personalise your bootees. For instance, on bootees for a baby girl, you can attach a knit flower to the top of the instep. Or, for a baby boy, you can iron on or glue a patch of a sailboat or train. Your bootees can be all one colour or you can make them multicoloured. You can have the sole and cuff be one colour and contrast that with another colour for the instep.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby sport yarn
  • Size 9 knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
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