How to create custom soap labels

Soap labels don't have to be expensive or difficult. Use your computer to print simple labels and stickers that advertise your soap business and combine them with a scrap of decorative paper that enhances the aesthetic you're going for. Leave the ends of your soap exposed to show off your artisan skills and allow customer's to smell your wares.

Print a sheet of 2-inch round or 2-inch by 3-inch rectangular sticker labels with the name of your company, a company logo or another message you'd like the users of your soap to know. You might advertise on this sticker that your soap is vegan or 100-percent organic or perhaps that it's made with a certain ingredient.

Design a template on your computer that is 2-inches tall and long enough to wrap vertically around your soap bars with a 2-inch overlap. You should be able to print five labels on a standard sheet of printer paper.

Create a label design. The label should include your company name, the variety of the soap, perhaps a list of ingredients and contact information. If you have a company logo, this would be a good place to put it. Make sure the front of the label will fit on the front of your soap bar, wrapping around it vertically. Print your labels and cut apart.

Cut strips of decorative paper, such as scrap book or wrapping paper, that are 3-inches wide and long enough to wrap vertically around your bar of soap with a 2-inch overlap.

Wrap a strip of decorative paper vertically around your soap bar. Secure the ends with a glue stick.

Wrap a label around the soap bar vertically so that it is centred on the decorative paper. Secure in the back with a printed sticker.

Things You'll Need

  • Printable labels, 2-inch
  • White or coloured printer paper
  • Decorative paper
  • Glue stick
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