How to Use a Netgear USB Wireless Adapter for XBox Live

Updated February 21, 2017

Using a Netgear USB network adaptor enables wireless Internet connections on your Xbox so you can play on Xbox Live. The Netgear USB network adaptor plugs into the USB port on the rear of your Xbox 360, instantly granting you wireless Internet capabilities. However, you will have to go into the Xbox 360 menu to specify which wireless network you wish to join.

Check that your Xbox 360 is off before handling because installing a USB device while the console is on can cause problems. Also check that your wireless router is turned on in order for the Netgear USB wireless adaptor to pick up the network. The wireless router should have green lights on its connection light and on the power light.

Plug the USB cable from the Netgear USB wireless adaptor into the rear USB port on the Xbox 360. You can use the front USB ports on the Xbox 360; however, those ports are best left clear so you can use them for the USB recharge cables when your controllers run out of power. Place the Netgear USB wireless adaptor dongle in a high place where it is clear of obstructions between it and the wireless router. The less mass that is between the dongle and the router, the stronger the wireless signal you will have.

Turn on the Xbox 360 by pressing the power button on the front of the console or the Xbox logo on your controller. Use the controller to scroll to your system settings under "My Xbox." Select "Network Settings" in the menu that pops up. Select the wireless network that you wish to join. Enter your network information, including the network password if you have one (which is heavily recommended for personal security.)

Allow your Xbox 360 to go through its connection process. Do not disturb the console or the wireless router while the connection is established; it will take only a few minutes. When done you will be able to enjoy Xbox Live via your Netgear USB wireless adaptor.

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