How to Get Sudocrem Out of a Carpet

Updated February 21, 2017

Sudocrem is a cream, water-repelling product used for preventing baby diaper rash. Luckily, Sudocrem is coloured white, which will eliminate any chance of colour transfer from the product, but the spillage must be tackled immediately to prevent it seeping into the carpet backing. Clear the area around the Sudocrem spill before attempting the cleanup. Cleaning products purchased from the local grocery store will clear up the mess and prevent staining the carpet.

Scrape the Sudocrem spill from the carpet with a blunt knife. Try not to spread the spillage.

Remove the rest of the Sudocrem from the carpet with an absorbent cloth. Blot the Sudocrem, and do not rub.

Apply isopropyl alcohol or dry-cleaning solvent to a separate absorbent cloth. Do not soak the cloth. A small patch about the width of two fingers will be enough.

Blot the stain with the isopropyl alcohol or dry-cleaning solvent until it is removed.

Blot the cleaned carpet area with cold water on a separate absorbent cloth, then allow the area to dry.


Isopropyl alcohol and dry-cleaning solvent can be purchased at most grocery stores.


Always use white absorbent cloths to prevent colour transfer from the cloth to the carpet.

Things You'll Need

  • Blunt knife
  • Absorbent cloths
  • Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or dry-cleaning solvent
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