How to Type Funny Symbols Above Letters

Updated March 23, 2017

The standard keyboard includes 104 keys, including letters, numbers and function keys. However, keyboard shortcuts allow you to create other letters and symbols that are not standard. When trying to type, especially in another language, you can use a combination of the "alt" key and numbers on the number pad to create non-standard keyboard characters. Examples include accented letters or the tilde placed over the letter "N" in Spanish.

Press your "Num Lock" key to turn number lock on if it is not already enabled.

Press and hold either the "Alt"key on your keyboard and type the four digit keycode to type your letter with a symbol above it. Some examples include "Alt + 0224" for à, "Alt + 0232" for è, "Alt + 0242" for ò and "Alt + 0241" for ñ.

Click "Start" and select "Control Panel" as an alternative method to type foreign characters. Click "Change keyboards or other input devices" and click "Change keyboards" to bring up the list of installed keyboards. Click "Add" and select the keyboard language you wish to use. This is especially useful if you need to type foreign characters frequently.

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