How to Organize a Fun Bowling Tournament

Updated February 21, 2017

Bowling is a sport which can be competed in as both an individual outlet or as a team sport, with players working together to score the highest score either through alternate frames or by playing individuals games and adding scores. Whether you are looking to run a solo tournament or a team outing, it is important to set the rules for your event before players enrol, and to ensure that an appropriate lane is available to allow all the bowlers to have an enjoyable day.

Determine the type of tournament you wish to run, including whether or not it will be a team or individual event and the style of event, ranging from a marathon where many games are played and totalled to a head-to-head knockout event.

Set entry fee levels for the tournament. Entry fees help to fund the tournament, and can also be used to provide a cash prize for the tournament.

Set the eligibility requirements from the tournaments, including age requirements, skill level minimum or maximums, or requirements based on amateur status.

Acquire the services of a bowling alley for hosting your event.

Set a date and time for the event.

Display the rules of the tournament clearly for all players, so there is no confusion about how winners will be determined.

Keep accurate and organised records of the entrants, and their results as the tournament continues.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer, with spreadsheet or database software
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