How to make a canopy for a girl's bed

Make any bed fancier with a flowing tulle canopy topped with feathers or flowers. The entire project requires no sewing machine and can be completed in one afternoon. A hula hoop suspended from the ceiling and draped in yards of airy tulle forms the base of this princess-like bed topper.

Cut tulle into three lengths, with each one double the height of the room. For instance, if your ceilings are 8-feet tall, cut three 16-foot lengths of tulle. These panels drape over the hula hoop and pool on the floor around the head of the bed.

Drape the first length over the hula hoop so that it hangs evenly on each side. Hand stitch the tulle in place, forming a casing around the hula hoop. Gather the first tulle panel so it covers 1/3 of the hula hoop. Continue by sewing the other two lengths of tulle to the hula hoop in the same manner, so that the entire hula hoop is covered and the fabric is gathered around the perimeter.

Measure the diameter of the hula hoop. Cut two lengths of fishing line that are the length of this diameter plus 12 inches. Thread one end of one length through a needle and draw the line through the tulle so you can tie it to the hoop securely. Tie the opposite end across from the first in the same manner. Repeat this with the second length at a 90-degree angle from the first, so that the lengths cross in the centre.

Use hot glue to attach the feather boa or flower garlands around the edge of the hula hoop.

Screw a hook into the ceiling, centred over the head of the bed. Make sure you have enough room for the hula hoop to hang without hitting any walls. Use an "S" hook to hang the hoop by the lengths of fishing line from the "S" hook in the ceiling. Make sure the hoop is arranged so one panel of tulle drapes behind the head of the bed and the other two fall to either side of it.

Things You'll Need

  • Hula hoop
  • Tulle fabric, 45 inches wide
  • Feather boa or flower garland to fit the circumference of the hula hoop
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fishing line
  • 2 "S" hooks
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