How to watch cinema movies online

Updated March 23, 2017

Watching cinema movies used to be something you did only in the theatre. However, today you can also watch cinema movies at several sites online. Keep in mind that it is illegal to watch cinema movies online if they have not been released for online viewing. As long as movies have been released, however, you can watch them online at several different sites.

Click on Watch Movies Online. You will see a list of movies that are available to watch legally online. These are cinema movies that have been released and are available for online viewing. Click on a movie to view it. Choose the download speed or rate depending on your server.

Click on Watch Movies Free Streaming and choose the movie you would like to watch. Click on the movie to start it.

Click on Apple iTunes and log into your store account. Then search through the movies that are currently available. Choose one you would like to buy. You will need to purchase the movie, and it will download to your iTunes account. Click on it to play it.

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