How to string pearls

Updated March 18, 2017

Pearls are considered to be precious and are the perfect addition to a fancy dress. A good string of pearls can cost a lot of money depending on the quality of the pearls the size of the necklace. Restringing pearls is a necessity, especially if you wear them frequently. Over time, the thread in the necklace becomes dirty and weak, risking a break. A jeweller can restring your pearls for you or you can save some money and do it yourself.

Wash your hands. The silk thread is white and becomes dirty easily. The oils from your skin can also damage the pearls.

Arrange pearls in the same order they were on your previous necklace. If you are starting fresh, size the pearls so the largest is in the centre and graduate outward to the smallest pearls. Keep the pearls in a tray or on a non-slip surface so they do not roll away from you.

Cut the silk thread at least three times longer than the desired length of the finished necklace. Pearls require knotting between each pearl. Therefore, the knots will take up a large portion of the thread.

Cut another piece of thread at about 10 inches. Separate the strands and thread one through the eye of the needle. Tie it to create a loop. Pull the necklace portion of the thread through the loop, leaving a tail long enough that the string will not fall out of the loop while stringing the pearls.

Attach one end of the necklace clasp to the long end of the silk thread. Tie it with a tight knot.

String the pearls onto the thread. Once they are all on the thread, remove the needle and tie a knot in that end of the thread to keep the pearls from slipping back off.

Knot the thread between each pearl. Make a loop with the string of pearls and pull the end through, creating a loose knot between the first two pearls. Tighten it as close to the pearl as possible. Repeat this process throughout the string until you have created a knot between each of the pearls on the strand.

Tie the other half of the clasp onto the other end of the string of pearls. Tie a double knot as tightly as possible to ensure that it does not give way. Cut any excess silk thread after the clasp is attached.

Things You'll Need

  • Silk thread
  • Beading needle
  • Pearls
  • Necklace clasp
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