How to Make Neoprene Boot Gloves

Updated March 23, 2017

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that is flexible, durable and water resistant. Neoprene boot gloves are used to cover ski boots so that they resist the cold and wet conditions of skiing. You can make your own neoprene boot gloves to shield the front ends of your ski boots. Once your boots are protected from wind, snow and cold, your feet will stay warm as you make your way down wintry slopes.

Cut the sheet of neoprene in half so that you have two sections, each 2 square feet. Fold each section in half and place the folded pieces down so that they resemble two black books with the bindings on the left side, and an end you can open on the right side.

Use the razor blade to cut out the shape of a half oval that rests on the left-side "binding" of each folded piece of neoprene. When you remove the cut piece from each piece of material, you should have two egg-shaped pieces of neoprene.

Cut out the bottom half of each egg-shaped piece, following the shape of another half egg. You should create two pieces of neoprene that are the shape of food-catching bibs that children wear around their necks.

Super glue each fabric fastener strip to one end of each "bib" of neoprene, with the soft side of the fabric fastener facing up. On the other side of each neoprene piece, super glue the other half of the fabric fastener pieces, with the rough side of the fabric fasteners facing down.

Cover the front of each ski boot with the thick "bib" of each piece of neoprene. Use the fabric fasteners to attach the boot gloves to the boot around the back of the boot heel.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 square feet of neoprene
  • Razor blade
  • Two strips of hook-and-loop fabric fastener
  • Super glue
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