How to Renew a Zimbabwe Passport

Updated March 23, 2017

To renew a Zimbabwean passport, you will need to appear in person at the Zimbabwean embassy in Washington, D.C. On occasion, consular officials hold special seminars in different regions of the United States to renew passports and issue travel documents. You will need to present several original pieces of documentation, including a long form birth certificate and a national I.D. card, in order to renew your passport.

Gather your documents. Passport forms are available for download on the embassy website. You will need an official copy of your long form birth certificate. If you don't have access to it, the embassy can help you obtain a copy prior to making your application. You will also need to present your Zimbabwe National identity Card, your passport, and two photocopies of the last page and visa page of the passport.

Verify that all information matches. All names listed on your documents must match and be in the same order on each. If they don't, contact the embassy by phone for instructions on how to correct the issue. New, corrected documents may need to be ordered prior to making your application.

Visit the embassy and make your application in person. You will need to apply in person with all proper documentation in order to renew your passport.

Things You'll Need

  • Original long form birth certificate, or adoption order if applicable
  • Zimbabwe National Identity Card
  • Emergency Travel document, if applicable
  • Completed P1 and P34 forms
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