How to Change the Back Brakes on a GMC 3500 Van

Updated July 20, 2017

The GMC Savana 3500 is a full-size, heavy-duty van made by the GMC division of General Motors Corp. The van uses disc brakes on all four wheels. Two brake pads rub against a brake rotor to create friction and stop the rotor. The friction wears away at the brake pads over time, requiring regular changes of the brake pads over the life of the van.

Park the van on a level concrete or asphalt surface.

Loosen the lug nuts on both rear tires of the van.

Roll the floor jack under the rear of the van and lift it by the rear differential.

Place a jack stand under the axle at each rear leaf spring, then lower the back end onto the jack stands.

Remove the lug nuts and both rear wheels.

Use the ratchet and socket set to remove the bolts on the back of the brake assembly, then pull the assembly off the brake rotor.

Tap the back of the brake pads with the handle of the ratchet to remove the brake pads from their tracks in the brake assembly.

Insert the new brake pads into the brake pad tracks, then press them in place using your thumbs.

Set the brake assembly over the brake rotor and screw in the bolts.

Tighten the bolts with the ratchet and socket.

Repeat changing the brake pads for the other side of the van.

Set the tires on the rear axles and screw on the lug nuts,

Lift the van off the jack stands by the rear differential, then remove the jack stands before lowering the van to the ground.

Tighten the lug nuts on both rear wheels using the tire iron.

Things You'll Need

  • Tire iron
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Ratchet and sockets
  • New brake pads
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