How to Find TV Listings From the 1990s

Updated November 21, 2016

The nineties were characterised with a host of great new programs, many of which gained decade-long popularity. A few shows, such as Seinfeld or Friends, may prove to be all-time favourites, which will put them high in the classic TV ranking.

Finding television listings from the 1990s is done through Internet search engines. One of the most comprehensive websites where you will find listings from various time periods is The Classic TV Database.

Open an Internet browser and type in the URL The Classic TV Database home page is well-organised and filled with an abundance of choices. In addition to the 1990s lists, there are information pages for specific shows. On them you will find interesting information, including the entire cast, storyline and even a trailer or video clip of the show's opening with theme song.

Scroll down the page to the area with three columns entitled: Shows by Decade, TV Schedules, TV Show Ratings.

Select the category that you are most interested in. Click on either "1990s Shows," "1990s Primetime Schedules" or "1990s Show Ratings." You will find a complete list of shows with episode guides in the Shows by Decade category. The Primetime Schedules area is separated by years. When you click on one, such as 1990-1991, an actual television schedule with times, days and stations appears. The Show Ratings section is separated by years as well. Click on a year and a list of shows comes up with the number it ranked in popularity, network on which it appeared and the estimated audience size that it drew.


Point of interest: a hallmark of television programming in the 1990s was that no longer were the three primary networks the only true players on the field. Fringe networks became credible competitors. Cable and satellite programming improved vastly in quality as well, and began to give the big-three -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- a run for their money. From a viewer's standpoint, this only served to enrich the selections and overall experience.

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