How to Convert a Home Phone to Bluetooth

With a Bluetooth-enabled house phone, you can make and receive calls from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Using a landline to make and receive mobile phone calls has its perks. You will not have to keep charging your cell phone. You can be taking a home phone call and simply click over to take your incoming cell call instead of scrambling to get to your cell phone. If you have a home-based business, taking all your calls from one phone can save valuable time.

Enable the Bluetooth connection on your house phone by clicking the Bluetooth emblem on the base of your handset. Hold the button in until the Bluetooth light comes on. Once the light comes on, the Bluetooth is enabled.

Power on your cell phone. Go into your cell phone's main menu and go to "Settings" or "Connections." Navigate to "Bluetooth" and make your Bluetooth visible. Depending on your phone's make and model you may not have the visible option, but you may instead have the option to "Enable" or "Connect" your Bluetooth device.

Go to the Bluetooth options on your cell phone, from the Bluetooth menu and select "Search For Devices." Find the name of your house phone, select it and if required click "Connect." You will be prompted to enter a passkey. The passkey that you are prompted to enter is the passkey that came with your cell phone. The passkey is located in the user guide--by default the passkey is normally 0000.

Look for the Bluetooth symbol to appear on the phone's base and the cell phone's display screen. The symbol displays once the two devices have been paired successfully. You will now be able to accept both cellular and landline calls from your house phone.

Disconnect the Bluetooth connection by holding down the Bluetooth button on the base of the phone, until the Bluetooth symbol no longer displays in the window. Enter your cell phone's main menu and go to the Bluetooth menu, then "Disable" the Bluetooth connection from the "Bluetooth Options" menu.


To make phone calls from your landline and charge them as cell phone calls, simply dial the number after pressing the cell phone button on the base of your house phone. To keep the Bluetooth connection, make sure the cell phone is placed near your house phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth-enabled landline phone
  • Bluetooth-enabled cell phone
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