How to Write Thank You Notes for Funeral Donations

Updated March 23, 2017

Although it is not necessary to send thank you notes for a funeral, you may find it appropriate to send special thanks to those who were really there to assist you in your time of need, and those who made funeral donations. Finding the right words to express your gratitude may not come easy at a difficult time. However, it is important to acknowledge the kindness and support of others during the loss of a loved one.

Review the guest registry. Mark the names of the people who made funeral donations. Ensure you have the correct spelling of each name.

Consider who else you want to send thank you notes to that may not have signed the registry, but also made funeral donations. This may include neighbours who brought over food or a friend who donated her time helping with funeral arrangements.

Purchase simple stationery with matching envelopes. This can be found at any office supply store.

Address the person you're sending the note to. The formality of the salutation depends on your relationship with the person you're addressing. If you're thanking the officiant of the service, address him by his last name -- for example, "Dear Mr. Ross." If it is a family member or a really close friend, it is safe to address them by their first name such as, "Dear Mary."

Write a simple thank you that is only a few sentences long. There isn't a need to write a whole letter. Speak from the heart. Thank them for something specific. For example, if they donated flowers for your funeral, say that. Recall how that person touched the life of the deceased person, if it is appropriate.

Thank them for their donation and thinking of you at your time of loss. End the thank you note with a "Warm Regards," "With Care and Concern" or "With Love." These phrases add a personal touch. Don't forget to sign your name.


Enlist the help of family members with this task. Thank you notes are usually sent two to three months after a funeral service.

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