How to Unlock the Sony Ericsson K770i Vodafone

Written by keith patrick | 13/05/2017
How to Unlock the Sony Ericsson K770i Vodafone
Users must set up a password before they can lock the K770i. (black cell phone image by timur1970 from

The Sony Ericsson K770i Vodafone is a mobile phone with screen lock capabilities. Screen lock uses a password protection system to prevent unauthorised people from using the phone. Only users with the password code set by the owner can unlock the Sony Ericsson K770i. This protects all contacts, applications, photos and files from being compromised if the phone is stolen. If you know the password code to your K770i, then the unlock process will only take a minute.

Press one button on your K770i Vodafone. This will awaken the phone from inactivity.

Press the "OK" button to access the unlock screen. The silver button is in the centre of the phone below the LCD screen.

Type in your unlock password with the keypad. Enter the unlock password you set for your phone and then press the "OK" button. The K770i is now unlocked.

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