How to Replace a Cracked LCD Panel on a Sony Bravia

If the Sony Bravia liquid crystal display screen cracks and needs to be replaced, professionals do not recommend self-installation of a Bravia LCD screen. If the television is still under warranty, the screen can be replaced at no cost to you. If the set is no longer under warranty, the price of a Bravia replacement LCD screen can equal half of the total Bravia purchase price. .

Contact Sony customer service. Find the customer service number on paperwork included with the Bravia or on the official Sony website. Indicate the Bravia screen is cracked and needs to be replaced. In addition to the name and address of the customer, customer service needs the Bravia make and model numbers and the purchase date. The receipt or bill of sale lists the purchase date. The model and serial numbers are located on the television set. The date of sale is used to determine if the Bravia is still under warranty. The agent will indicate if screen replacement is covered under the warranty. Sony LCD television warranties cover a year of parts and labour. Bravia models smaller than 30 inches are mailed to Sony for screen replacement.

Make an appointment with Sony to have an authorised service agent replace the LCD screen. Sony provides Bravia home services through third-party contractors.

Take the Bravia down from any mounts or stands. Technicians are not allowed to dismount the television. Wait for the Bravia screen to be replaced. If any services or parts are not covered by Sony, the contractor will notify you before starting any work. Sony must authorise all warranty repairs. The contractor may be in touch with Sony representatives throughout the course of the repair.

Keep records about the Bravia screen replacement. Notify Sony if the service agent was rude or unprofessional. Note the warranty expiration date. An extended warranty provides coverage for an additional period of time.


A service appointment is still scheduled through Sony if the Bravia is not under warranty. You must pay any expenses. You can purchase a discounted Bravia extended warranty through a third party once the television is repaired.

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  • Receipt or bill of purchase
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