How to Buy Pallets of Refurbished XBox 360 Consoles Wholesale

Updated February 21, 2017

If you wish to sell used Xbox 360s as part of your business, you can purchase pallets of refurbished consoles at warehouses or online. Since some refurbished consoles are not in a great condition, you should only purchase from people who are trustworthy. Some customers will not be willing to buy refurbished consoles unless there is a money-back guarantee of some kind. However, if you have mechanical skill, you can fix malfunctioning refurbished consoles.

Contact wholesale warehouses in your area. To locate these warehouses, check the Yellow Pages or the classified ads. You may wish to ask local electronics stores where they send their Xbox 360 consoles for repair or resale.

Ask to speak to the manager. Ask the manager if he is selling any pallets of refurbished consoles. If the manager agrees to sell you a pallet, arrange a time to pick up the consoles and drop off a check.

Visit the warehouse and pay for the refurbished consoles. Load the consoles in your car.

Navigate to an electronics reselling store. (See Resources.) Alternatively, navigate to a bidding store such as eBay.

Enter "Xbox 360" into the search box and click the "Enter" key. Look for sellers who are offering several refurbished consoles.

Click "Purchase." Enter your payment and shipping information.


For the best deal, contact several wholesalers to determine the average price.

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