How to Change a Mobile Phone Contract

Updated February 21, 2017

Cell phone contracts typically lock you in for multiple years, forcing you to keep the same plan for the duration of your time with your provider. Wireless networks, however, are usually willing to give longtime customers a bit of wiggle room when it comes to altering a mobile phone contract. This depends on the carrier, the customer service representative you talk to and the length of time you have been with your carrier. Call your provider's customer care hot line and ask what can be done for you.

Determine what you do and do not like about your current mobile phone contract before attempting to change it. The more specific you are about your demands, the more likely it is the company will be willing (and able) to help you. Be reasonable about your expectations of the carrier. Do not assume that they will allow you to break contract without penalty after only two months of being a customer.

Check your carrier's user agreement for any information on changing your contract midway through the term. There may be fees involved, or you might find that the carrier offers solutions tailored for your situation. Some carriers offer a "Transfer of Responsibility" that allows you to find an individual to take over the rest of your contract for you. Use a service like MobileSwap to find someone to take over your contract.

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Call your mobile carrier's customer service number and explain that you would like to change your contract. Work with the customer service representative as much as possible, and only threaten to leave the carrier as a last resort. Often, calmly repeating your initial demands is enough to get the representative to transfer you to a superior who can help.

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Ask to speak with someone in Customer Retention. This is the branch of the customer service department that is charged with keeping customers happy to retain their business, and typically have a bit more pull in what they can do for you than normal customers service employees.

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