How to Turn Off Voice Mail on Cell Phones

Written by sam williams | 13/05/2017
How to Turn Off Voice Mail on Cell Phones
Voice mail is standard with most wireless phone services. (wireless communications image by Radu Razvan from

Voice mail is a service hosted by your wireless phone provider. Your wireless phone doesn't actually record and capture voice mails. When you don't answer your phone within a certain number of rings or your wireless phone is turned off, your calls go back to the wireless service provider and connect to your voice mail.

Make sure you handle all important business that you need to with your phone so you're not waiting for any important calls.

Dial 611 on your AT&T phone to reach a customer service representative. Enter in your telephone number and account information.

Request that the customer service representative disable the voice mail service on your phone. After he has disabled your voice mail service, calls will ring six to nine times.

Tell your important contacts to send you messages by e-mail because your voice mail will be inactive on your cell phone.

Call 800-866-2453 for T-Mobile customer service or Dial 611 on T-Mobile mobile phones.

Ask the customer service agent to temporarily disable your voice mail service.

Click the messaging link on your cell phone. Scroll to "Voice mail" and select it. Select "3" at the prompt of your voice mail system greeting.

Select "2" for mailbox menu options. Select "1" to change your greeting. Choose "3" when prompted to disable the voice mail service.

Dial "*" and then "2" on your Sprint phone or call 888-221-4727 to speak to a customer care consultant. Explain your desire to terminate your voice mail services.

Give out your e-mail address or other alternative methods to leave you a message before you disable your voice mail.

Dial "611" on your Verizon cell phone or call 800-922-0204.

Dial "0" to reach a customer service representative faster. Ask him to disable your voice mail service.

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