How to Transfer Documents to a Memory Stick

Updated February 21, 2017

Transferring documents to a memory stick can be a great way to archive content on your computer. In the event that your main hard drive fails or crashes, all data on the drive will be lost. If you have backup copies of these documents on a memory stick or other external storage device, you will never permanently lose this information. Transferring documents to a memory stick is accomplished through Windows Explorer.

Connect your memory stick to your computer. Windows will open an "AutoPlay" dialogue box once it recognises that the memory stick has been connected. Click "Open in Windows Explorer." A new folder will open. If the memory stick currently has no documents on it, this folder will be empty.

Right-click on a document on your computer that you want to transfer to the memory stick. Click "Copy." To copy multiple files simultaneously, use your left mouse button to highlight all files you want to copy. Right-click on any one of the highlighted files and click "Copy" to copy them all.

Right-click inside the folder for your memory stick. Click "Paste." This will paste a copy of the selected document or documents into the folder, copying the information to the memory stick. Repeat this process for any other documents you wish to copy.


On a Mac OS X computer, inserting a memory stick into your computer causes an icon for that memory stick to appear on your desktop. To copy a file to the device, drag it over top of the icon for the memory stick on your desktop. To copy multiple files, use your mouse to highlight them. Clicking and dragging one of the highlighted files over top of the memory stick icon will copy them all to the device simultaneously.

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