How to Print on Plaques

Updated April 17, 2017

Plaque-making is a craft project that can create decorative pieces for your home. You can make a wood plaque to display your family name on the front of your house or even showcase favourite quotes for a family room. By printing your own plaques, you have the flexibility to say anything you want. The process is more simple than you may think and it doesn't take much equipment to get it done.

Type out your message in design or text-editing software. You can also add a simple image from clip art or from your own artwork.

Insert ink or laser-jet decal paper into the paper tray of your ink or laser-jet printer.

Click "File" and then "Print" on your software. This will send your text and design--if you have selected one--to the printer.

Remove the printed decal paper from the printer.

Lay the blank plaque on a flat surface that you find easy to work from.

Apply the decal text and design to the blank plaque. Follow specific manufacturer's instructions for the application of the decal to the plaque.

Things You'll Need

  • Ink or laser-jet printer
  • Blank plaque
  • Design or text software (Photoshop, MSPaint, MSWord)
  • Ink or laser-jet decal paper
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